Kevin M. Kelly [KMK411]
  • is a broadly-trained anthropologist (BA, Anthropology, U Iowa; AM, PhD, Anthropology, U Illinois-Urbana)—a human biologist—whose interests focuses on cultural, behavioral & biological facets of human health in the context of human variation & adaptability and whose publications address issues in anthropology, child health, environmental health, occupational health, evolutionary biology, immunology and surgery.
  • is an associate research scientist in the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa.
  • is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Anthropology, the Department of Community & Behavioral Health and the Department of Occupational & Environmental Health at the University of Iowa.
  • is a SAS® User with 30-plus years of programming and consulting experience.
  • is a former consultant to Cranial Technologies, Phoenix, AZ.
  • is a former Senior Scientist/Supervisor in the Department of Clinical Research, Medical City Dallas Hospital, Dallas, TX.
  • is a vocal advocate for using the Internet to share information and--since 1998--the sole proprietor of Kelly Webworks. Through Kelly Webworks, I have assisted numerous not-for-profits and small businesses establish a presence on the Internet & continue to use the Internet to promote anthropology and public health.
  • is seeking an academic appointment that will allow him to share his research experiences and ongoing research with students.
  • can be contacted using the information listed here.
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